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Theosaurus... created for the child in all of us.
The mission of TheoSaurus is simple.  We want to create
products that let children know they are loved.  From
storybooks to coloring books, we are always looking for
a new way to capture the childhood spirit in products that
are enchanting as well as educational.  The dream started
with Leah Herde while looking for a way to be a stay at
home mom.  Now, Leah's husband, brother-in-law and
neighbor have joined her in the adventure of creating books
for children.  We are an Austin, Texas business where you'll
find us by going south by southwest, through the hill country,
somewhere in between the Austin city limits.

Leah Herde Owner
Leah's dream for TheoSaurus began when she handed
her nephew a book she wrote and illustrated just for him. 
With her master's degree in Human Services and Counseling
and a professional career in corporate sales, Leah ventured
out to start Theo-Saurus.  The company publishes personalized
children's books with the goal of building a child's self esteem. 
She is a mom on the go with two children, a wonderful
husband and a passion for helping all children flourish by
celebrating their individuality.

Jay Herde Creative Director
Jay shares his creative passion and humor with anyone who'll
indulge him. It is in that spirit that he gulps down large cups
of coffee and many breakfast tacos for the inspiration that fuels
his creativity. Jay took the lead in the layout and illustrations
of Your Special Recipeep.  He also designed and developed
this website and more of his work can be found at

Reg Herde Marketing Guru/Head Devil's Advocate
Reg dares to edit his wife's work.  He has over 15 years of
marketing in the technology industry.  He lends his wisdom
and excellence in marketing as well as product development.
Reg also lends his encouragement and humor to TheoSaurus
and if was not for him, his wife would still be scribbling ideas
on a piece of paper.

Emily Gaertner Author & Creative - Color My Party
Pushing jogging strollers around the neighborhood, Emily and
Leah realized they both had ideas for creating personalized
books. Emily has a M.Ed in Childhood Education and she was
a middle school teacher before becoming a stay at home mom.
The inspiration for Color My Party was her own daughter’s
birthday party. She wanted to develop a party that would be
personal, special and downright adorable. She created a book
for her two year old that she wants to share with other mom’s
searching for the perfect party favor.

Customized Children's Books
This is our story.
             We're sticking to it.
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